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Welcome to my blog. I don't want to 'fence you in', but I hope you get comfortable and stay for a long time. Hi, my name is Kristina, and I love to garden. However, like most gardeners in Australia, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to keep deer and other pests out of my garden. Over the years, I have found a lot of fencing tricks and strategies. In this blog, I plan to share fencing advice and a few fun puns with you. I hope my posts help your garden to flourish and stay safe. Thanks for reading.

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3 Crucial Tips When Shopping for Your Chain Mesh Fencing Supplies

Fencing your home or commercial property offers numerous benefits. However, the ideal fencing type will depend on the fencing supplies you choose. Product manufacturers for any fencing supplies offer numerous options to choose from, including materials and type. To help you find the right supplies for your chain wire fencing requirements, consider these essential considerations. 

Chain Wire Material and its Coating

The durability and resilience of a chain wire fencing material are paramount. For instance, stainless steel and aluminium are preferable to most buyers. That's because these materials can either have a PVC coating or are galvanised. These two coatings offer extra protection to these wire mesh fencing materials. Take a look at what both can offer:

  • Stainless Steel: They are highly durable and can resist high temperature, harsher weather and alkalinity. Additionally, they can retain their shape when exposed to extreme conditions. Unfortunately, stainless steel isn't malleable and might cost more than most other fencing options.  It is more recommended for high-end applications, including railroads or highways. 

  • Aluminium: Is more corrosion- and weather-resistant. It offers higher tensile strength, lower maintenance costs and is lightweight and easier to relocate. However, aluminium is much weaker than stainless steel. It's more recommendable for public or private fencing, institutional grounds and residential yards, among other similar facilities. 

Wire Size and Gauge 

Indeed, the wire strength and security relies heavily on its gauge and size, respectively. Practically, thicker wire meshes possess lower gauges that are excellent for commercial fencing. Conversely, wires with lower gauges are best suited for temporary mesh fences. In terms of size, small-sized meshes are excellent for high-end security fencing, while large-sized types are great for domestic or residential fencing. If you run a recreational or related facility, it'll be wise to purchase a mid-sized wire for your fencing needs.

Wire Mesh Roll Height

Another critical factor to consider is the wire mesh roll height. Each might be ideal for particular applications. For instance, a security fence might require a taller wire mesh, while a residential type might be a little shorter. Conversely, sports or recreational, among other similar facilities, might require even much taller wire mesh rolls. Therefore, consider your immediate application requirements when choosing the roll height for your wire mesh fencing. 

Final Thoughts

There are numerous options to choose from when it comes to your wire mesh fencing needs. For this reason, making the right choice can seem like an uphill task. However, keeping in mind these three essential considerations can help you make an informed purchase. When shopping for your chain mesh fencing supplies, consider working with a reputable vendor who will provide high-quality materials and advise you on the most durable and practical ones for your property.