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Welcome to my blog. I don't want to 'fence you in', but I hope you get comfortable and stay for a long time. Hi, my name is Kristina, and I love to garden. However, like most gardeners in Australia, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to keep deer and other pests out of my garden. Over the years, I have found a lot of fencing tricks and strategies. In this blog, I plan to share fencing advice and a few fun puns with you. I hope my posts help your garden to flourish and stay safe. Thanks for reading.

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3 Optimal Wood Choices for Property Fencing

Wooden fences are beneficial in enhancing privacy within residential properties and providing security against wild and human intruders. In addition, the structure can improve the aesthetics and even the value of the property during resale.

There are diverse aspects to consider before purchasing wooden fencing materials and installing the perimeter. These include the projects costs, the design of the fence, the established boundaries and even the timeline. However, the most important consideration is the type of wood for the fence. This will affect the purchase charges, durability of the fence and the aesthetics presented.

Here are the main wood choices available in the current market.


The popularity of pine lumber in residential property is mainly attributed to the product affordability. The source trees are native softwood species such as hoop pine and celery top pines as well as non-native species like slash and radiata pine. These are grown in plantations all over the country so the raw material is readily available to homeowners.

Pine timber is vulnerable to insect infestation and rot due to water damage. Therefore, it is advisable for you to purchase pressure-treated products to ensure long-term durability and minimal maintenance requirements. The chemicals used in the treatment processes will provide water-repellent and insecticidal capabilities.


Cedar is more costly compared to pine but the costs can be offset by the prolonged lifespan of your fence. This wood type contains natural aromatic oils which deter insects so it is ideal for fencing applications. Moreover, the wood is rot-resistant therefore it will survive inclement weather and general exposure to moisture. One of the well-known hardwood species of cedar in the market is the red cedar which grows in the eastern coastal rainforests.

The material has a reddish hue which is attractive and the texture is relatively rough. You should consider choosing fencing cedar materials with quality finishes such as stains, polishes or paints. This will protect your fence against fading and darkening. Alternatively, consider installing the imported western red cedar which is a softwood tree with considerable durability.


Redwood lumber is expensive and hard to acquire therefore it is suitable for homeowners with a flexible fencing budget. In addition, it is not an economical choice if your property dimensions are wide or you require a high fence. The redwood is a hardwood tree with incredible aesthetic value and long-term durability. It is a perfect outdoor material since it is not vulnerable to unfavourable weather and insect infestations. You should treat the fence with a light stain to preserve the natural hue.

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