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Welcome to my blog. I don't want to 'fence you in', but I hope you get comfortable and stay for a long time. Hi, my name is Kristina, and I love to garden. However, like most gardeners in Australia, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to keep deer and other pests out of my garden. Over the years, I have found a lot of fencing tricks and strategies. In this blog, I plan to share fencing advice and a few fun puns with you. I hope my posts help your garden to flourish and stay safe. Thanks for reading.

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Attributes of Chain Link Fences That Help Businesses

If you're a company looking for a fencing option for your business premises, you'll have a range of materials and structures to consider. One possibility, chain link fences, have several attributes that can help various kinds of companies, as outlined below.

1. Visibility

The meshing of a chain wire fence allows for excellent visibility, consisting of wires rather than thick planks or panels. For businesses, this helps in numerous ways. If you've installed the barrier for security to deter trespassers, it shouldn't offer them privacy. Behind a chain mesh fence, intruders are in clear view to anyone on the street — thus, they won't be free to carry out illegal acts in private.

You might run an industrial company where you have expensive products and equipment on site. They'll be better protected and not so easily stolen. Likewise, in a plant nursery, thieves won't be able to easily and secretly cart your pots, plants, and landscape supplies away.

Clear visibility assists other enterprises also. Chain link wire is ideal for enclosing sports areas like tennis courts. With a clear view, spectators can follow the action from the other side without being struck with flying balls. Other times these barriers enclose playgrounds in schools and parks. They safely contain children, but teachers, caretakers, and parents can clearly keep a watch at all times. 

2. Adaptable Security Features

Different businesses require varied levels of security. With a chain-link fence, you can adapt it to suit your particular needs. You could construct a standard-height wall to establish the perimeters and discourage trespassers. But if you run a company that stores valuable machinery, you can amp up the security aspects. For instance, construct an extremely tall fence and spread barbed wire along the topmost part. Use thick gauge wire for the mesh, and posts and rails. Additionally, you could add a locked gate. All these elements make scaling and getting past difficult. Overall, you'll have plenty of choices and variables to customise these fences in line with your circumstances.

3. Durable and Low Maintenance

Commercial chain link fencing is incredibly durable and low maintenance, which is essential for businesses that don't want to waste limited time upkeeping the structure. Using steel, chain mesh can withstand all seasons, rain, hail, and sun. Often the webbing uses galvanised steel that has a protective zinc film to inhibit rust. Otherwise, green or black PVC can encase the wires and shield them from corroding air and moisture, while creating a smart appearance. Because it's so durable, all your fence might need is a quick spray of water to clear dirt and debris. 

For more information, contact companies that install commercial chain link fencing.