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Welcome to my blog. I don't want to 'fence you in', but I hope you get comfortable and stay for a long time. Hi, my name is Kristina, and I love to garden. However, like most gardeners in Australia, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to keep deer and other pests out of my garden. Over the years, I have found a lot of fencing tricks and strategies. In this blog, I plan to share fencing advice and a few fun puns with you. I hope my posts help your garden to flourish and stay safe. Thanks for reading.

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How Automatic Driveway Gates Can Keep You and Your Property Safe

Automatic gates are a sound investment for your driveway. Never again will you have to exit your car to open your driveway gate. Not only that, but an automatic driveway gate can also make a good impression on your neighbours and potentially increase the value of your property. But what about safety? Fortunately, an automatic driveway gate offers several important safety benefits to you and your property.

Auto Gates Deter Burglars

One important feature to burglars when scouting a house to burgle is accessibility. If your property is easy to access, burglars will be more likely to target it. After all, burglars don't just need to get into your property, they also need to get out of your property with your possessions in hand. An automatic gate can make escaping with large objects a challenge.

As such, if your home has an auto gate, then this suggests to burglars that you value security. There is a good chance then, that you may have other security features, such as alarms and cameras. As a result, an automatic driveway gate will deter all but the most determined of burglars.  

Auto Gates Protect You From Harsh Weather

An automatic gate can keep you and your family safe during bad weather. For instance, if a storm is raging outside, running outside to open your driveway gate can put your safety at risk in a number of ways. You could slip on the wet ground, or be harmed by large hailstones. The risks of bad weather are many. However, when you can open your automatic driveway gate from the comfort and safety of your car, you'll never have to worry about bad weather.

Auto Gates Keep Your Children Indoors

Young children can get a little too adventurous at times. This means that they may try to open gates that open manually. This is not something you want to worry about if you live on a busy street with heavy traffic on the road outside. Fortunately, an automatic gate eliminates the possibility that your children will open the gate and go outside.

Auto Gates Keep You Safe When Arriving Home at Night

If you work late or arrive home from a social gathering late at night, an automatic gate means that you don't have to leave your car to get inside your property. You then won't have to worry about getting out of your car in the middle of the night. Further, once inside your property, you can make sure your auto gate has closed before you leave your vehicle.

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